Affectivity and Its Vicissitudes in Humanities and Social Thought

Írta: MMI

Conference to celebrate the release of volume concluding the V4 project 17th March 2012 (Saturday) Lengyel Intézet (Polish Institute), 1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 15. 8:50 Opening Session I: Chair: Urszula Idziak

9:00 – 9:20 Gabor Boros (ELTE, Budapest), Hume’s Theory of Passion

9:20 – 9:40 Wojciech Starzyński (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warszawa), Le cogito cartésienselon Michel Henry

9:40- 10:00 Robert Karul (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava), Le pathos chez Plotin 10:00-10:20 Katalin Kovács (University of Szeged), Esthétique du sentiment et langage affectif: quelques aspects de la réflexion esthétique de Du Bos

10:20-10:40 Karel Novotny (Czech Academy of Sciences, Praha), Körperlichkeit und Affektivität. Die Bedingungen der Möglichkeit der Leiblichkeit 10:40-11:00 Discussion

11:00-11:20 Coffee break

Session II: Chair: TBA

11:20-11:40 Bela Mester (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest), Affectivity, Hypochondria, and Piles. Biological Reasoning and Metaphors of Illness in the Hungarian History of Ideas

11:40-12:00 Gábor Kovács (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest), Rationality and Affectivity in Politics ? the Role of Fear and Hysteria in the Political Thought of István Bibó

12:00-12:20 Bojan Žalec (University of Ljubljana), The political dimensions of threat and fear 12:20-12:40 Vojko Strahovnik (University of Primorska), Shame as a Moral Emotion and its Role in Reconciliation

12:40-13:00 Discussion

13:00-15:00 Lunch

Session III: Chair: Béla Mester

15:00-15:20 Petr Kouba, (Czech Academy of Sciences, Praha), Critique of ressentiment in Reich, Nietzsche, Deleuze and Guattari

15:20-15:40 Rafał Smoczyński (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warszawa), The agency of affectivity in the ritual abuse moral panic

15:40-16:00 Urszula Idziak (JagellonianUniversity, Kraków), Ludwig Wittgenstein and ?metaphysics as a kind of magic

16:00-16:20 Jagna Brudzińska (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warszawa), Affekt und Phantasieim Aufbaupersonaler Realitaten. ZurWirkungsphanomenologie der Lebenswelt

16:20-16:40 Discussion

16:40 Closing Conference supported by the Visegrad Fund